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Final Edition; 2013 Publication Series: Environmental, Coastal and Offshore (ECO)

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


As part of our publication series for 2013, our seventh publication on the year was a small focus on “Data”, the real reason for making ocean measurements in the first place. We thank TSC (publisher) and the ECO Journal for accepting our submittal for the Nov/Dec. edition. Monitoring our oceans, bays, estuaries and rivers takes considerable thought, planning, and expense, sometimes the end result “data” gets lost in the process. A complete understanding of the instruments in use must be known, the principles of operation, how they sample, the best sampling protocol for the required information needed upon completion of a deployment/project and then what to actually do with the data once recovered. Was it collected in real-time, stored in memory, full raw data sets or averaged, or, all the above? How will it need to be processed? We have created a new gallery in our drop down menu simply called; “Data” so that we can start to display some of these data collected over the years on a variety of projects and perhaps answer some questions that many of you may have. As new sensors come on-line we will continue to add to this gallery.     To view the Nov./Dec., 2013 ECO Journal, click here