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SMS ADCP System Deployment
AtlasB II
Indonesian TV Clip from TRANS Live, Jakarta, collage video clip from a 3 week RAMA cruise departing Java and returning to Sumatra, April/May, 2012. TRANS TV anchor and camera personnel joined our cruise aboard RVBaruna Jaya III for a very successful research trip. RAMA is a multinational ocean climate research program taking place in the Indian Ocean.
Florida Tech (FIT) subsurface ADCP deployment onboard MV THUNDERFORCE. ADCPs deployed east of Ft. Pierce and Sebastian, FL will provide information on the path of the upwelling of cold water masses onto the shelf and into the near-shore environment. This research is being conducted by the Dept. of Marine and Environmental Systems, College of Engineering, Florida Inst. of Technology, Melbourne, FL. See more in the Gallery under ADCP Deployments.
Argo Float being deployed in the eastern Indian Ocean on RAMA from RV Baruna Jaya III. Argo is an observation system for the Earth's oceans that provides real-time data for use in climate, weather, oceanographic and fisheries research. See the schematic of an Argo float's sampling schedule in the Gallery under the NOAA link, also the drawing of internal components on how the float works.
NOAA drift buoy deployment: The modern drifter is a high-tech version of the "message in a bottle". It consists of a surface buoy and a subsurface drogue (sea anchor), attached by a long, thin tether. The buoy measures temperature and other properties, and has a transmitter to send the data to passing satellites. The drogue dominates the total area of the instrument and is centered at a depth of 15 meters beneath the sea surface.
End of the work day offshore ride home. Survey support vessel Col' Guyanna was small boat logistics support for project operations in the Waini River and offshore in the Atlantic. This was one of our early evening rides back to Marabuma at sunset.
Col' Guyana, survey support boat for bottom bathymetry survey and ADCP installation in the Atlantic, mouth of the Waini River, Guyana, South America.
Shipment of FIO Buoy System #1 routing from Cape Cod, MA to Qingdao, China. The shipment was delayed in Singapore for 5 weeks due to the slow down in the world economy at the time (2009) and very little vessel movement in Asia.
Animated deployment of an oceanographic surface mooring in the deep water environment of the Indian Ocean, along with the data steam and live data reporting of the information coming from they buoy on a daily basis.
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