RDSEA International, Inc.: St Pete Beach, Florida, founded in 2002 by Rick Cole while a Research Associate at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science, around the increased need for experience and expertise in “ocean technologies” in the blue-water and coastal regions of our oceans, bays and estuaries (fresh water not to be excluded). RDSEA’s foundation began on federal, state and local oceanographic programs and observing systems focusing on “air-sea interaction” and “ocean circulation”.  Our experience spans over three decades of ocean measurements and technology evolution.  From the era of recording internally with onboard data recorders and waiting months until recovery for data to the now never ending need for real-time data acquisition and transmission back to a shore based hub for dissemination. Knowledge of our ocean environment is no longer limited to science and scientists.  The growing list now consists of: coastline emergency management, U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue operations, the U.S. IOOS, public health, recreational and commercial fishing, diving, alternative energy solutions, the public’s need and want to know more about what is taking place offshore of their beaches and, of more recent concerns, oil spill response management and mitigation.  All now front and center for those of us that provide the technology, methodology and services of collecting critical data on observation platforms, systems and programs, especially in today’s era of increased natural phenomenon such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

RDSEA is highly allied within the ocean community across the federal and state government, private and academic sectors in all corners of the U.S. and is very active internationally as well.  We offer the capability to measure and monitor environmental events with supporting time series using state-of-the-art, mostly off-the-shelf new technologies, instrumentation and telemetry. We support programs that are basin-scaled, or full national and international observing systems, short or long-term; we have the in-house resources and partners within the community to leverage for a successful outcome.  From initial concept and design, to build out, testing, commissioning, deployment, data transmission, reception and dissemination to recovery and maintenance when needed, RDSEA delivers.  We can also provide assistance in setting up protocol to keep critical data flowing and maintain an array offshore on a monthly to yearly basis, whether surface mounted or receiving subsurface data from the seafloor. Please see "Projects" and "Gallery" for more information.

Systems Engineering:
  • Ocean circulation sensors
  • Air-sea interaction sensors
  • Real-time buoy systems and platforms
  • Seafloor mounted packages and platforms
  • All forms of offshore data telemetry (near-shore and remote), including sub-surface transfer of acoustical data

Systems Services:

  • Project concept and design
  • Fabrication
  • Testing and compliance reporting
  • Shipping, freight and customs logistics
  • Systems installation
  • Data collection and processing
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Project maintenance
  • Systems turnarounds (recovery/re-deployments)
  • Calibration

Operational Services:

  • Pre cruise logistics
  • At-sea operations, round-trip pier to site to pier
  • Post cruise logistics
  • METOCEAN surveys
  • Mooring deployments (surface and sub-surface)
  • CTD and peripheral ocean instrumentation casting, data collection and archiving
  • Diving support
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