Mission Statement

RDSEA is an experience based and performance driven oceanographic consulting company that strives to be a leading provider in the international field of "ocean technologies".  Our foundation rests on spending years in laboratories and at sea on countless projects, shallow and deep, acquiring knowledge that can be applied to a wide and vast array of projects and programs across the boards within the ocean community; government, private sector and academia combined.  Our founding purpose was to "help and assist", this has evolved into "design, create and deploy" while maintaining our initial purpose of support when called upon.  We do this with extremely high values, and interdisciplinary expertise.  Client relationships are our priority, through an approach of integrity and passion.  Our promise is to offer innovative, reliable and cost effective means to bring all projects to full fruition.  We have learned from challenges and accomplishment.  We grow by collaboration and team effort.  What we offer are solutions to the very complex and complicated task of working in the offshore environment of our world.  "Safety" is always first and "Our Goal is Your Success".

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