State Oceanic Administration (SOA), First Institute of Oceanography (FIO):  A comprehensive oceanographic research institute in Qingdao engaged in applied and basic research, high technology development and serving the public. The institute aims at promoting the marine sciences and technology progress and serving the marine management, marine safety and marine economy development and is an important marine science research entity in the national science and technology innovation system of China. In 2008 FIO joined the Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) on the “Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction System” (RAMA) with a focus on understanding seasonal monsoon variability, circulation and transport of heat in the Indian Ocean and its’ effect on the continent of Asia and neighboring oceans. RDSEA in partnership with Down East Instrumentation was contracted via Proteus Solutions, Hong Kong to design, build, and supply three complete "air-sea interaction" buoy and mooring systems to FIO, oversee deployment and recovery operations and to assist the group in achieving operational status on RAMA.  A surface mounted buoy site was established at 8S/100E beginning in early 2010.

RDSEA is very excited to work alongside long time friend and colleauge Mr. Jeffery Kinder, General Manager of  Down East Instrumentation on this project.  Jeff and Down East bring to the table years of experience in buoy systems design and integration of ocean sensors.  This collaboration was critical in the success of the FIO Buoy project.  We also thank "Proteus Solutions" in Hong Kong, for their exhausting and continued support of all efforts to make this project possible.  Dr. Yu, Weidong, his staff and students at FIO are an exceptional group in our field.

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