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2015 IEEE Currents, Waves and Turbulence Measurement Workshop

Monday, June 22nd, 2015
2015 IEEE Currents, Waves and Turbulence Measurement Workshop; St Petersburg, FL “Quality from End to End“ CWTMW Logo_1In today’s world, there have been many changes in the science and technology of current, waves and turbulence measurement.  Sensors are linked to real-time data telemetry, QA, archiving, processing, and distribution systems and what happens to data in these systems is as important as making good measurements.  RDSEA was local host for this years' meeting.  Scientists, engineers, manufactures and system users gathered to discuss past mile stones, updates and new technologies and network towards the future of the field.  RDSEA collaborates with Teledyne RD Instruments on "A 25-Year Collaboration Using ADCPs" as part of the Key Note opening session. On water demos will take place at the Univ. of South Florida's College of Marine Science waterfront. Details at: